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Flat Irons we’re out of the loop for a while when beach waves / the undone look became popular but then stylists had started showing how to achieve that look with a tool you already owned which was a flat iron. For most people, this is easy & gives a less effort look than a curling iron. If you still enjoy flat ironing your hair that’s great it is still a common hair tool!



For a high-end flat iron, I would recommend the GHD flat iron! I LOVE this flat iron so much! The GHD heats up super fast & works so good on every hair type! I love that it’s not too slim & you can get a lot of hair in one pass, I also love that you can touch the ends of it if needed & won’t burn your fingers off. I have had my GHD for 7 years now & it is still going strong! Not to mention how many times I’ve dropped it… it still works perfectly!! This great for anyone & is for sure worth every single penny!!


For a low-end Flat Iron I would recommend the Remington Anti-Frizz Iron it reduces static & frizz by 50% & has a 60 min auto shut off which is a super nice feature to have. I like that this iron heats up, does the job & isn’t going to break your pocket! It is a little slimmer than most irons so you might have to take a smaller section but it’s a great buy for someone who isn’t looking for something fancy or expensive!


This flat iron is used by celebrity hairstylists all the time. It is known for being one of the nicest flat irons in the industry. It’s wide custom blend ceramic + ionic plates help create a smooth & silky finished look. This is a GREAT flat iron for anyone with thick/coarse hair. It gets more hair with each pass, & is known for the style to last. This flat iron comes with 5 adjustable heat settings.


  • Cord Length: 9ft 360 degrees swivel cord
  • Weight: 10.2 oz
  • Size: Large
  • Comfort: Slim handle for an easy & comfortable grip while styling
  • Price: $$$$ Single pass Flat Iron


This flat iron is designed to reduce up to 50% of flyaways & frizziness. This iron has 6 heat settings between 310 – 410 degrees that way you can find the perfect temperature you prefer for your hair. After 60 min it does have an auto shut off. Now you won’t be stressed out on your way to or at work trying to remember if you turned it off or not.


  • Cord Length:
  • Weight:
  • Size: Small
  • Comfort:
  • Price:$ Anti-Static Flat Iron

GHD PLATINUM + Professional Performance Styler,Ceramic Flat Iron

GHD once again revolutionizes styling with the world’s first smart straightener that predicts your hair needs. I got a GHD flat iron 7 years ago, & I still use it to this day. I have dropped it more times than I can count & it still works really well. The iron gets hot very quick but really straightens your hair & makes it look super smooth & silky. I also love that after 30 min of not using it, it will shut itself off so you don’t have to worry about it burning your house down, or having to leave work to make sure you turned it off. This is truly worth every penny!


  • Cord Length: 9ft
  • Weight:
  • Size: Medium
  • Comfort: Lightweight design for easy & comfortable styling
  • Price: $$$$ Platinum flat iron

Bio Ionic OnePass 1-1/2-Inch Nano-Ceramic Straightening Iron

This flat iron was designed by a hair stylist and is a well known brand that hairstylists use. Silicone Speed Strips provide faster straightening and increased shine. New Tri Strip Technology creates 3x smoother hair. This flat iron goes up too 400 degrees, this will be great for anyone who has super thick or curly hair that usually doesn’t hold. With the iron being 400 degrees you can go over the hair less times because it is so hot it will give it that hold. This will also smooth flyaways and control frizz, as well aa  create brilliance and shine.


  • Cord Length: 9ft Swivel Cord
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Size: Medium
  • Comfort: Wider handle for easy grip when styling
  • Price:$$$$$ Ionic Onepass

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