I would recommend that you should start by reading some of the important considerations that must be taken when picking out a new hair dryer that I’ve listed below. If you would like to go straight to the reviews I’ve created a link for you here.


Everyone is constantly looking for new tools that will help them achieve that “just left the salon” look. To get that look you would start with what kind of blow dryer you need. Most people think it only has to do with the products or the brush used. In reality it all starts with the tool that is drying your hair. You want something that is easy to use, comfortable in your hands, and something that will last you a while. It also depends on how often you will use this tool, what kind of hair you have & your budget. The budget is an important part of the blow drying decision. While there are amazing blow dryers used by many celebrity stylists & that are known for being the best tools in the industry, there are also a lot of other great options to choose from at an affordable price point.



one important piece of the hair dryer is the concentrator. That is the attachment located on the end of dryer. Usually there is 2 that come in the box. Sometimes there is a bigger one that most people throw away, because they don’t know what it is. (Well get to that part in a minute). Concentrators are an important part of the blow dryer because it helps dry your hair while smoothing simultaneously. The bigger space in the concentrator will dry your hair faster but could most likely make it frizzy. The smaller the concentrator might take a bit longer to dry your hair but it will help smooth the cuticle. This all depends on your hair type, as well as the power & heat of the tool. Knowing what kind of hair you have will help you determine the best blow dryer for your needs. Your hair loves water meaning it retains it really well. If this is the case you are going to want a powerful blow dryer that comes with a wide concentrator. This will help get that water out quickly so you can start blow drying with a brush to start styling. If you have naturally straight hair you will want a blow dryer that is powerful & you might not even want/need to use a concentrator because your hair isn’t frizzy so your main concern is just getting it dry.


If you have curly hair you would want to use the fancy piece we talked about earlier. Most people don’t know how to use it or what this is. That big piece is called a Diffuser. A Diffuser is used for people who have naturally curly-wavy hair. It helps them achieve that air dried look without walking around with wet hair. It enhances & shapes their curls & helps them not look frizzy. To avoid the frizzy look you would want to use high heat ( if you have medium – thick hair) & lower heat (if you have thin hair)  but medium power. That way you’re using heat to dry those curls but you’re not using the top power to make the hair fly everywhere, roughing up the cuticle & giving it that super frizzy dry look. If you have medium – thick hair that likes water you would use a higher heat because your hair is thicker & can handle it. With thin hair you should use a lower heat so that you don’t damage your hair with unnecessary heat. Using a lower heat will also allow you to have a smooth outcome. When blow drying thin hair take precaution when choosing the power setting because it can blow your whole style apart. Using a low heat & medium power settings would be best to achieve a smooth look without drying out your hair.


Finding the perfect blow dryer can be difficult, they’re so many good ones to choose from. The hair dryers that are used in salons that you can buy. They usually tend to have a more powerful motor, less maintenance & longer cord. There are also blow dryers that are foldable & compact which make it easy for storage & traveling. There are also blow dryers that are made simple or cost less due to the fact that they are being made for people who don’t use them a lot or just want something easy to understand & clean. We will list some blow dryers down below & explain which one is good for each hair type & person.



Looking for a lightweight blow dryer or something that is comfortable to hold? Maybe because you have a lot of hair or maybe just a bad shoulder? Just because a blow dryer is lightweight or small doesn’t mean it can’t be just as powerful as a big one that a professional stylist uses in the salon. Researching & knowing what you want is super important when it comes to buying a blow dryer. You want something that will make the job comfortable for you.


You wouldn’t think of blow drying as such a important step to your everyday routine but you will learn all about how to hold one & what you like about certain ones & what you don’t. A big thing a lot of people don’t like are blow dryers that have the buttons designed on the handles. This to make it easier where some people that makes it harder because their fingers keep turning the blow dryer heat down or the dryer completely off. Some people love that feature because it makes it easy whereas I totally understand how it frustrates people & makes the job annoying. As a licensed professional it’s important to me to get a good blow dryer that will do the job but also won’t mess up my shoulder or arms!


Yes, believe it or not there is ways to care & clean your blow dryer!! It’s nothing to hard or crazy. Depending on your dryer that you decide to buy or already own. There is a part on the back called a filter. You will twist that off & get rid of all the dust off the mesh filter. Some people use tweezers or a small bristle brush to get in there which is fine. You just want to be careful not to get a hole in the mesh. You can also clean it with water. Just make sure to let it completely air dry it out before twisting back on & using. Storing your blow dryer in safe place is always great & will keep it in nice condition. Keep your cord not wrapped around the handle will keep in from tangling it up & getting knots in the cord & making it annoying while you blow dry your hair.


Knowing your experience level is important, but if you don’t that’s ok, we’re here to help! There’s a blow dryer out there for everyone! For someone that doesn’t blow dry their hair a lot & just wants to get something on the cheaper end Revlon & Conair are great options, they also make a foldable size if you travel or want something small for storage! If you blowdry your hair often & want something a level up from the Revlon/Conair, CHI & Infinitpro would be a great option. If you blow dry dry your hair a lot or just prefer something a professional uses. The Elchim, T3, FHI, Hot Tools & Dyson would be some great options. All of these are great blow dryers depending on your needs & wants.